Why customer-loving organizations choose us

With so many text analytics software solutions popping up, we are often asked what makes us different. The answer is simple, yet has a huge impact on the results our customers see reflected in their analyses and CX results...

Kapiche text analytics software

Say goodbye to code frames and data training

Kapiche uncovers themes in your datasets automatically based on the data you upload.

Automatically identify emergent themes

Discover everything your customers are talking about—even if it isn't already in your framework.

Get up and running in hours

Our AI does the heavy lifting, so you'll be up and running with Kapiche in hours, not weeks or months.

Answer your business questions in seconds

Never wait for answers to your questions again. Kapiche lets you start digging into the data straight away.

Other text analytics software

Inflexible code frames

You spend weeks setting up code frames and then have to wait additional weeks or months for them to be updated as the business changes.

No way to discover emergent themes

If the theme isn’t in the code frame, it won’t be identified. You risk new customer issues becoming systemic before they can be managed.

Laborious set up and ongoing training

You’ll spend weeks and months setting up code frames that are then required to be updated regularly - an extremely time consuming and laborious process.

Waiting for answers that never come

You wait days or weeks for business analytics teams or external agencies to provide answers to your business questions.

What this means for your customer experience

As new products, services or features are released, or as customer feedback changes, Kapiche’s natural language processing engine automatically identifies them, giving you the knowledge you need to address issues before they become systemic and dramatically impact your customer experience.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.