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The traditional approach to uncovering customer insights is outdated, expensive and inefficient. Kapiche is a new way to bring together customer data from any source, for deep, contextual insights into your customers.

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“Kapiche is an important part of our voice of the customer program. The simple interface and natural language processing engine makes it an essential tool for discovering insights at scale. It’s great for tracking themes and sentiment over time, and importantly, highlighting emergent themes we may not be able to see in sampled data sets. With Kapiche we spend much less time on generating insights and much more time on taking action. ”

Adam Mcwhinney, CXO, Temple & Webster

A new solution for deep, contextual customer insights

Kapiche is an insights and analytics product built to make sense of customer feedback data, empowering you to improve decision-making and positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Uncover actionable insights—fast

Combine multiple data sources and analyze 1,000s of customer feedback responses in minutes.

Work smarter, not harder

No setup, no manual coding, no code frames. Uncover insights in minutes, not weeks.

Make strategic customer decisions

See the whole picture and make the most impactful, data-driven business decisions.

Identify customer issues in seconds

Quickly identify customer issues having the biggest impact on churn & revenue.

See emergent trends as they happen

See emergent customer issues as they happen, not just the topics you already know about.

Easily report out to the business

Share insights with product, marketing, customer support and execs or the board.

Next-gen insights for customer-loving teams

Customer insights teams

Have complete confidence in your analysis and answer business questions easily, with deep, actionable insights from any customer data source. In minutes, not weeks.

Customer experience teams

Use the insights uncovered by your insights analysts to ensure buy-in to your CX programs across the organization and drive impactful, customer-centric change.

“Kapiche offers a truly unique solution to the challenge of obtaining actionable insights from customer data. Flexible reporting, granular insights and ease of use make Kapiche an ideal tool for any company striving to create meaningful experiences for their customers.”


Uncover actionable insights from any data source

You’ll never make the most impactful business decisions using only quantitative customer data.

The richest insights are found at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative data from every stage of the customer journey. Combine data from any source to make laser-focused business decisions for your organization.


It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.

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