Kapiche vs. Medallia


Say goodbye to data training and coding frameworks

Using a new unsupervised machine learning approach, Kapiche uncovers themes in your datasets automatically based on the data you upload. This means there is no need for training data sets or coding frameworks.

Get up and running in minutes

Time to get up and running with Kapiche is minutes - not months whilst your training data is built and refined.

Spot emergent themes

Discover everything your customers are talking about—even if they aren’t captured in your code frame - before your customers start a riot!

Use data from any source for deeper insights

Analyze data from almost any source and mix and match data for richer, more detailed insights to keep you ahead of the curve.

No human bias in your analyses

Our unsupervised approach means there is no room for human bias in your data analyses.

Dedicated text analysis

Text analysis is our bread and butter. We’re a dedicated text analysis software on a mission to humanize business intelligence and supercharge your customer insights.

Do more, with less

Analyze as little as 500 (per month) feedback responses and spend that additional time getting deep into those nitty-gritty insights!


Inflexible coding frameworks

You have to tell the system what to look for based on your knowledge of the business, which is problematic as your business grows and changes.

Laborious manual set-up and maintenance

You’ll still need to put together a coding framework and manually update it every time new products or services are added.

No way to discover emergent themes

If the theme isn’t in the code frame, it won’t be identified. You risk new customer issues becoming systemic, before they can be managed. Beware rioting customers.

Only analyze what Medallia captures

Your insights are limited to the information captured by Medallia, preventing you from enriching your insights from other data sources.

Human bias guaranteed

Human bias is introduced from the moment you set up your training data and tell it what to look for.

Survey tool first and foremost

Why spend the big bucks on collecting the data when understanding the data is what will move the needle on your CX?

You need how many survey responses?!

At least 10,000 feedback responses are required for Medallia to effectively analyze your data.

A better way to understand everything your customers are saying

What used to take you weeks will now take just minutes. That means you’ll have more time to be the data hero you always knew you were.

Uncover actionable insights—fast

Combine multiple data sources and analyze 1,000s of customer feedback responses in minutes.

Identify and fix customer issues

Quickly identify customer issues that have the biggest impact on revenue.

Work smarter, not harder

No setup, no manual coding, no codeframes. Uncover insights in minutes, not weeks.

Focus on initiatives to grow ROI

See the whole picture and make strategic, data-driven business decisions.

Analysis you can trust

AI-powered text analytics for complete confidence in your analyses and business decisions.

Track & measure CX actions

Track the impact your business decisions have on customer opinion.

It’s time you got more from your voice of customer data

Be the data hero you always knew you were.