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Interested in the Kapiche suite of analytical tools available to analyse both structured and unstructured data?
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By seeing the fast, accurate and easy-to-use capabilies of Kapiche for yourself, you will be able to appreciate first hand the value of being able to understand vast amounts of unstructured data quickly and easiliy, and the transformation in the business decision making process Kapiche offers.

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Experience Kapiche now

Use the Kapiche suite of analytical tools for free right now on a limited set of your own data. Or, take a look at one of our example datasets to see the power of our technology. All you need to do is register on Kapiche Revealed!

Kapiche for Business

Kapiche for Business provides cloud access to the analytical power of Kapiche for the small to medium sized organisation or the project specific occasional end-user. Analyse your own data or use one of our growing list of integrations to get your data from elsewhere.

Kapiche for Enterprise

Kapiche for Enterprise delivers all the power of Kapiche for Business in a format more applicable to Enterprise. As an on-premise solution, Kapiche for Enterprise provides the security required by large organisations and can integrate with the existing data stores already deployed in the data centre.

Kapiche for Business

The Kapiche Business Premium product is designed for small to medium sized businesses to enable them the ability to understand unstructured data in the same way that a multinational organisation might, but in a way that is cost effective in delivering valuable business outcomes.

Business Premium

US $6,499 per year

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