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Kapiche Ltd is a global company with registered offices in London, England and Brisbane, Australia.

Since 2013, Kapiche has been entirely focussed on developing a data analysis platform which integrates unstructured data analytics with structured data analytics. Kapiche now facilitates:

  • organisational decision making, by creating “understandings” from all of the data available to organisations, structured and unstructured data
  • management with analytics based on the understanding generated from Kapiche analysed data
  • enfranchisement and empowerment of “citizen analysts” as Gartner has described them

Ryan Stuart, Kapiche’s founding CEO and Director of Technology, together with Lead Researcher Kris Rogers, has been designing and building unstructured data analytics products for the commercial market for well over ten years.

Richard Heale, Kapiche Director of Innovation, has been applying unstructured analytics products for clients for an equal length of time.

These personnel are the core of Kapiche’s highly experienced management team.

The Kapiche team has now finessed the Kapiche analytical platform in line with organisation operational requirements. The resultant analytical platform facilitates a full suite of analytical tools at the organisation desktop.

The initial Kapiche platform has been available as a highly popular niche research product for well over a year. It was awarded one of four Gartner Cool Vendors Awards in Analytics during 2015.

Kapiche endeavours to satisfy organisational application requirements in traditional analytical areas such as ‘voice of the customer’ and surveys

At the same time Kapiche assists organisations to push the ‘thought envelope’ by combining both unstructured and structured data analytics at the organisational desktop in new, multiple application deployments.

Kapiche’s global reach is now expanding rapidly with the help of sales and marketing partner organisations across the globe. Two of these organisations have been with Kapiche from the beginning as founding partners: