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Welcome to the world of Kapiche. A world where you can process vast amounts of unstructured data in seconds, and make sense of it!

Kapiche is a powerful, world’s first research tool, that will challenge the way researchers, companies, governments, marketers, advertising agencies, research companies and business analysts approach and interpret unstructured data. What sets Kapiche apart from its competitors is the deep understanding of unstructured data it provides in addition to pictorial displays.

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Transforming the world of big data analytics

In a world of data and information overload, one of the major challenges facing organisations, is how to efficiently interpret unstructured data to help make informed, low risk management decisions.

In generating understanding, Kapiche creates a trail of comprehension from data gathering to information assessment to knowledge to facilitate decision making.


 Knowledge is nothing without understanding

Fast & Accurate

Accurately processes and analyses vast amounts of data records in seconds. We believe it is the fastest analytics tool on the market.

Easy to use

Unlike other text analytics tools, Kapiche is easy to set up, easy to engage with and easy to analyse and interpret data.


Infinitely scalable

The ability to meaningfully analyse from hundreds up to millions of data records in seconds!

Multi Lingual

Kapiche is language agnostic – it can analyse data in any language with the same degree of efficiency.

Kapiche is fast, really fast

Facilitating decisions by generating understanding

View Topics

Following a macro overview of a body of data, Kapiche facilitates a ‘drill down’ process to the actual data available. Individual or groups of Topics can be viewed from differing perspectives, so that an understanding of what a Topic is all about can be gained in the context in which it appears in a body of content.
(This feature is also available for Terms through the View Terms menu option).


Timeline Topics

By creating a view of changes in individual Topics or collections of Topics, over analyst controllable time intervals, Kapiche provides an opportunity to view how the story evolves over time. “Timeline” exemplifies the report ready analytical visualisations Kapiche generates.
(This feature is also available for Terms through the View Terms menu option).


Compare & Contrast

Kapiche facilitates the inclusion of structured data, such as location, demographics or authorship into an analytical process. This facility can be used to segment a body of data. The side-by-side analysis of structured data perspectives on unstructured data analysis can add deep understandings to a Kapiche data analysis. 



Perceiving positive, negative or neutral Topic sentiment, within a body of data, can significantly add to the understandings available from a Kapiche analysis. Indications of sentiment, presented in a three point Radar Chart, are classified at an individual, group or overview Topic level supported by a drill down facility to the context in which sentiment is expressed.  


Visual representation aids interpretation of understanding


Understanding of Topics forms the basis of Knowledge Based Decision Making

  • Governments
  • Corporates
  • PR & Advertising Agencies
  • Research Companies
  • Tertiary Institutions
  • Business Analysts
  • Legal
  • Marketers